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What You Get

  • We guide you to a better golf game.
  • We give you a personalized map of your golf game.
  • Find out how to avoid meltdowns on the golf course.
  • Understand how to best practice the game of golf.
  • Give your coach a guide to best coach you.

What We Do

Our breakthrough inner golf science produces better golfers.

It stands alone in the golf world. iMapGolf maps successful pathways to personal management of golf emotions, feeling and thinking.

A golfer’s uniqueness is revealed in our short survey. It shows behaviors, reactions and stressors of the individual golfer. Combined with a vast library of golf situations, a map to successful management of the golfer’s emotions, feelings and thinking is developed. The map is accompanied by specific solutions. 

Who It Is For

iMapGolf is for all golfers of every level.

Golf is about physical skills, emotional control and mental focus. Managing these elements is fundamental to golfing success.


Connie Charles

Founder and CEO of iMap Strategic Solutions and author of Magic of the Method: How the Birkman Profile Can Be Your Power Source for Success.  Co-author of Back On Course: Learn How to Drive Business Through Golf 


Dave Bisbee

Longtime golf professional who serves as General Manager and Director of Seven Canyons Golf Club in Sedona, Arizona. Co-author of Back On Course: Learn How to Drive Business Through Golf


Learn How to Drive Business Through Golf

Back On Course: Learn How to Drive Business Through Golf gives you an inside look at what the game can reveal and how to use that information to excel in business. In one round of golf, you can establish solid relationships that continue off the course - and you can learn a great deal about how your golf companions operate in business. The golf course perfectly replicates the business world in showing how people function when they're confronted with challenges that affect their individual performance.