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Whether at graduate level or grade school level, preparing for a future career becomes more than a trial and error process with iMap.

Using iMap's proprietary analysis of the motivational DNA of a student, parents, teachers and counselors can know with great accuracy how to provide guidance. 

Students themselves will be equipped to make great choices for pathways that will lead to a happy and productive future.  

Once students complete their iMap Questionnaire they will have access to a dashboard that provides tools for them to make great choices early on.


Personal iMap

Personal Guides

Personal Guides

 A personal iMap provides the student with  an accurate, personalized analysis of their Strengths (what they are naturally good at) , their Passions (what motivates them), their Needs (what they need to succeed) and their Stressors (how they react in stress situations) 


Personal Guides

Personal Guides

Personal Guides

Based on their personal, unique iMap, students will have access to a several Guides on a number of subjects to help them optimize their strengths and maximize their potential.  Guides include subjects such as "What Makes Me Happy", "Your Strengths at Work", "Your Best Relationships."


Career Pathways

Personal Guides

Career Pathways

Coming soon, iMap will be a adding a personal dashboard for students that will offer a drill-down suite of career pathways are based on their personal iMap and where they are most likely to succeed and be happy.

Individual jobs are accompanied by a brief description of what that job entails to help give students narrow down their area of personal interest.

iMap for Schools

Maximize Student Potential

Given current workforce projections, educational systems are experiencing more pressure to make sure they are preparing students for their future careers.  The challenge is that when asked, the typical student has little to no idea on what that pathway may look like.  Their choices are influenced by counselors, friends, family or even some TV show that they really love.  This leads to a trial and error process in selecting career direction which, as we all know, results in wasted time, money and confusion for students and their families.

The insights provided through an iMap My Life assessment provide practical, targeted direction for students, parents, teachers and counselors to help make fully informed career decisions at earlier stages in the educational process. 

Unlike other assessments which only look at aptitude, interests or skills, with one questionnaire, the iMap system creates a multi-dimensional picture of motivation, strengths, cultural fit and behavioral characteristics.  This information is presented in an online environment that is easily accessed and understood.  As a result, students can make more accurate choices about their next step towards a life time career direction that will ensure they are not only successful but happy.  


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