iMap for Individuals

Be the Best You Can Be

For more than 50 years companies all over the world have used this unique formula to improve their organizations. It provides precise data to help understand human behavior and has impacted thousands with its accuracy. The insights found in this personality test have until now only been available through corporate consulting. 

This is your opportunity to receive these insights for only $29.99! After completing the questionnaire you will get your own personalized map with your unique data showing your Interests, your Strengths, your Needs and your Stressors.  Your map will show you the colors of your personality traits to help you succeed both personally and professionally. 

Personal Guides to Be The Best You Can Be:  Once you've completed your questionnaire and received your personal iMap, you can then purchase supplemental guides that will advise you on how to apply your self-understanding to different circumstances or questions you may have. The iMap guides will help you be the absolute best you can be. Check out below just some of the guides available to that will speed up your personal growth both personally and professionally.

Coming Soon:  Career Pathways:  Thinking about a career change?  Re-entering the workforce? Coming soon is a personal personal dashboard that will offer a drill-down menu of career options suited to your personal strengths and passions, and areas where you are most likely to succeed and be happy.

Insights & Analysis to Your Own Personal Drivers

The 30-minute iMapMyLife questionnaire provides you with an accurate, personalized analysis of your Strengths, your Passions, your Needs and your Stressors.  

Are you doing what you really love or are you just going through the motions?